Senior cohousing helps people live independently in their own homes in part through a practice of co-care.

Co-care is a grassroots model of neighbourly mutual support that can help reduce social isolation and promote positive, active aging.

It encourages independence through awareness that we are all interdependent.

In a cohousing community, giving and receiving co-care is entirely voluntary. We may choose to support each other through such activities as doing errands, driving, cooking, or going for a walk with our neighbour. We believe that being good neighbours helps us age well in community and have fun doing it.

6 Responses to Co-care

  1. Maureen morris says:

    What is being done about cohousing in condos?

  2. I am interested in creating a co – housing community. And I love the idea expressed in co care. If there a web site, book, or download that talks about co- care and would be a good guide for a forming community.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      The downloads from our Resources page are a good place to start. Also Charles Durrett’s Senior Cohousing Handbook. Co-care is the heart of a compassionate cohousing community!

  3. Linda George says:

    Hello Margaret,

    Do you know of any existing Senior Cohousing start-ups on Gabriola Island? If not, would you consider hosting an ‘Introduction to Senior Co-housing’ session on Gabriola to gauge the level of community interest?

    Many thanks!

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