Cost and Affordability

What does Cohousing cost? At this point cohousing is not subsidized in Canada. Participants are people who can afford to buy their own homes. The cost is approximately market rate. In other words, a cohousing unit will cost about the same as other housing in the same area. It may even cost a little more because members generally want to include “green” features that may cost more initially but result in longer term savings by reducing energy consumption. Although units generally have a smaller footprint than similarly priced private housing, a large common house adds to everyone’s enjoyment.

With the help of their professional team, the members of the group establish size, quality and cost guidelines for each project. Through site selection and design, they decide how much their units will cost. Some units may be non-market dwellings with housing agreements that ensure permanent reductions in selling price.

Senior Cohousing strives to be financially, socially, and environmentally affordable. Please click on our slideshow below for more information.

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