Aging Well in Community – a two-day course to change your life

You can now take our two-day version of the ten-week study group. Andrew Moore and Margaret Critchlow have developed our own curriculum and are excited to offer an experiential learning opportunity that makes it fun to contemplate growing older.

The course fee is $135 plus tax at RRU.

The course May 2 & 3 was excellent! Our next course is planned for October 24 & 25, 2015.

Click here to download our brochure,  here to read what participants said about the first course offering, March 9 & 16, 2013, and here to see what they said about the May 24 & 25, 2014 course on the Royal Roads University Campus.

This course is portable. To bring it to your community please contact us:



23 Responses to Aging Well in Community – a two-day course to change your life

  1. millie says:

    interested in more information and locations in Victoria, BC

  2. James Ross says:

    Would like to attend the Sept. 14, 15 course.
    How do I go about it?

  3. Helene Fagan says:

    It appears this concept does not exist anywhere east of Sask. Do you know of any cohousing programs closer to where I live, in Ottawa.
    Meanwhile please send reminder for your seminar, I may wish to attend.

    • Normand Jasmin says:

      For Helen Fagan
      A project called CO-HABITAT is information in Ottawa. Actually the pre-feasibility is completed. The first meeting will be held in Almonte on Saturday Nov/2nd. For contact the e-mail is or by phone 613-752-1226

  4. Just reading about this course which says it is portable. Can you give me a price for this course and does portable mean you travel to various cohousing communities to give this course?

    Thanks for any info you have.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Yes, we are willing to bring the course to both existing cohousing communities and those in formation. So far we are only offering it in southern BC. Our fee is $1900 for a two day workshop for up to 20 people, plus travel and accommodation (if required). The fee includes two full weekend days of workshop as well as folders for participants with handouts. This is the same course as we hold at Royal Roads University but offered independently. You would arrange the venue and participants would register through you. We would bring materials for everyone.
      We are also offering the course in Sooke Sept 14 & 15, and on the RRU campus Nov 2 & 3 for $135 pp.

  5. Cheryl and I just attended this workshop over the weekend. Margaret and Andrew are a great team to facilitate this, and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding to this program. In addition, the workshop attracts a diverse and committed group of people, all focused on the same wider goals. We learned a lot about (senior) cohousing and what it might look like, but a lot of what we took away from this workshop can apply to many different scenarios – everything from a custom-designed community, to simply building your own support community around you wherever you happen to find yourself. And we had fun into the bargain! Thanks!

  6. Marian Sanderson says:

    I was listening to C-Fax 1070 today, and heard that there was going to be a 2 day course at the end of April and beginning of May 2014. Is this correct, and if so how could I register?

    Thank you

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Marian, Sorry, the course was last weekend at Royal Roads U. The next one will be June 14 & 15 in Qualicum Beach, then Oct 4 & 5 at RRU. To register, please phone RRU Continuing Studies (250) 391-2513 or Toll Free 1-866-890-0220, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  7. Karen Van Riesen says:

    We are planning to purchase a house with a friend and also have a renter.
    Would this course be valuable for us?

  8. Angela Cowie says:

    I would be most interested in participating in “aging well in community”. A mature woman, with 25 years in the co-op management field I am most interested in spending my latter years in community with like minded individuals.

    I look forward to details on the January 2015 course and any other details that may involved me either as a sitting board member, committee member, or otherwise.

    Angela Cowie

  9. Gayle Jennings says:

    I have been fascinated by this concept since seeing the Jane Fonda movie en francais – “what if we all lived together?” and learning about Fardknappen in Sweden. Obviously much more to it than the movie presented! Is there written or visual material for those of us not within striking distance of Royal Roads? Is there a network for those of us considering relocation to a kinder climate and looking to link with like minded individuals? I’m in Ottawa – land of extreme climate!

  10. Sylvia Nicholson says:

    Any plans to hold 2-day workshop in the interior of BC? I am in the north OK.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Sure. If you can get a group of about 25 people together, let’s talk about bringing the course to your location.

  11. Anne Heal says:

    I was listening to Sunday morning show on CBC Radio and was so delighted to hear about Harbourside. Would very much like to explore this most interesting concept .

    Will you be offering the two day work shop in the fall of 2016 and also any possible dates in 2017.
    Thanking you in advance,

    Anne Heal.

  12. Ken Robinson says:

    Are there any course dates set in 2017 for Aging Well in Community ? I can’t find anything on the Royal Rhodes University site, is the course still being offered through them?

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      We are no longer offering Aging Well in Community through Royal Roads U. We will offer it again if there is sufficient demand. Meanwhile, our focus is on our newer course, Is Cohousing for You?

      • Ken Robinson says:

        Was aging well in place a condensed version of study group 1?
        What does the new course cover? When a person completes “Is Cohousing for You”, what is the next step toward starting a community?

        • Margaret Critchlow says:

          Yes, the weekend aging well course condensed and adapted Durrett’s Study Group 1. The topics covered in Is Cohousing for You are listed in the post on the home page of this website. The next steps after taking the course vary, but include those outlined in our How To Guide, available under “Resources” on this site.

  13. Cathy Williamson says:

    HI Margaret
    Somewhere I read you will be in the a Ottawa area in late April.
    If this is so, could you please contact me and perhaps we could chat.



  14. Cate Root says:

    We are trying to develop a seniors housing complex which would include some affordable housing. Thought having these units included in a Co housing project might work. Trying to find out more about the challenges and barriers and key components

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