Are you looking up ahead, or over your shoulder, at turning 50? To prepare for the future are you considering changing where or how you live?  Do you wish you had a greater sense of community with your neighbours?

Consider taking our two day course, Dare to Age Well in Community, offered through Royal Roads University. Here is a link to details for 2014-15:

Here is what participants said about our earlier course, Aging Well in Community:

“Informative, comfortable, relaxing. Very enjoyable even though examining uncomfortable topic”

“Brought me from the illusion of ‘self-reliance’ to the reality and joy of interdependence….. and the importance of planning”. More ….






Our courses on Aging Well in Community use experiential learning to highlight the opportunities, challenges, and difficulties of “aging in place,” and what advantages community offers in comparison to the alternatives. Andrew Moore and Margaret Critchlow facilitate this course which is designed to help you plan for an uncertain future.  We will all share our stories and experiences, our knowledge and beliefs, our fears and doubts, our laughter, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  You will be better equipped to make choices about your future. This workshop will help you decide if aging in a senior cohousing community will support your vision of aging successfully.

The two-day course was  offered 4 times 2013. The weekend course grows out of what we learned facilitating ten-week study groups on Aging in Community using a template developed by Charles Durrett, with whom we trained in 2011. We have completely redesigned the curriculum to create an experiential learning environment tailored to the Canadian context. 

Royal Roads University has partnered with us to deliver the course in the greater Victoria, BC area. We can also offer the course farther afield. To discuss hosting a course in your location, please contact Margaret or Andrew at