Study Group Outline

The following is intended to give a general idea of what we cover in each study group. The order of sessions is subject to change.

  1. Aging in Place/ Aging in Community. What is your Aging Scenario?
  2. Group Process: Working Together. Conscious Communication Skills
  3. Realities of Getting Older – Accepting Emotional & Physical Change
  4. Co-Care and Outside Care. Who is Going to Take Care of Us?
  5. Co-healing: Staying Healthy through Community. The Search for Quality Longevity
  6. The Economics of Getting Older
  7. Spirituality and Philosophy of Aging. Fears & Mortality
  8. Sage-ing: What do we have to offer the world?
  9. Co-development & Co-design: Risk taking & transforming your housing options
  10. Fieldtrip