2011 Fall Study Group

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Please join us for


Autumn, 2011

A ten-week study group meeting Thursdays, 7-9 pm, Oct 6 through Dec 8, 2011

Cost: $120 including materials

Location: Sooke Ocean Resort, 6669 Horne Rd, Sooke

Space is limited. Please PRE-REGISTER BY EMAIL to seniorcohousing@gmail.com

Facilitators: Margaret Critchlow & Andrew Moore

(trained by Charles Durrett, author of The Senior Cohousing Handbook)


We have choices and we don’t have to do ‘aging’ the way our parents did. Many people think about finances when they plan for their future, but investing in social relationships can be even more important.

The purpose of this study group is to anticipate the opportunities, challenges, and difficulties of “aging in place,” and what advantages community offers in comparison to the alternatives. The study group is designed to assist you in making choices about your future. It will help you decide if aging in a senior cohousing community will support your vision of aging successfully.

In senior cohousing, residents create and live in intentional  neighbourhoods. They provide mutual assistance for each other (called co-care) and include housing for a caregiver they hire as needed. This social support along with energy efficient design, facilitates aging in community as well as aging in place. Senior cohousing is common in Europe but new to North America, with 3 built in the US and 3 in Canada in the planning stage.

Study group participants, Summer 2011

What participants are saying about the Summer 2011 Study Group:

“I loved it. All [the sessions] were interesting & thought provoking”

“I’m very impressed with the [facilitators’] knowledge, delivery, everything.”

“I recommend this study group for anyone who has the slightest interest and likes people.”


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