Harbourside (Sooke, BC)

West Coast Senior Cohousing grew up to become Harbourside in January 2013. Please visit our website www.harbourside.ca

You can also read more about Harbourside by clicking on Breaking News under the Harbourside tab at the top right on the home page, or here: Please click on this link

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  1. Wayne and Donna Lynn Brown says:

    We find the concept of Cohousing for seniors a fantastic idea. We have stayed with friends in a Cohousing project in Port Townsend and thought the concept was great. I understand that you are hosting a couple of workshops to introduce your idea to the public – what dates will these workshops be held on? Do you want people to pre register? – I can think of 2 – 3 other couples who would probably be interested in attending your orientation workshop.

    I hope your idea grows interest in other areas of Vancouver Island.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Yes, we are hosting an information session at the site of Harbourside Cohousing, 6669 Horne Rd, Sooke, BC on June 16 from 7:15 to 9 pm and again on July 13 from 10:30 to noon, followed by a communication skills building workshop (to be confirmed). Andrew Moore and I will teach our two day workshop as a course, ‘Aging Well in Community, offered through Royal Roads University on Sept 14 & 15. Cost $135. Register through RRU’s Continuing Studies Programme. For more information or to pre-register please email info@harbourside.ca Hope to meet you and your friends soon. Margaret Critchlow

      • We are visiting from PEI where we are part of a group exploring senior co-housing. Al James gave me your name as the contact person. We would like to drive from Victoria to visit and possibly tour your exciting new co-housing site in Sooke. This would allow us to bring back firsthand information on your successful development. Would there be a day next week that we might meet with you entirely at your convenience? my contact info follows. Thank you Steve Connolly phone 250 386 4441/ 902 626 7604-cell

        • Margaret Critchlow says:

          Harbourside Cohousing offers a regular tour on the 4th Saturday of each month. We have arranged for our tour guide, Jean, to show you around on April 22nd. If anyone else wants to join the tour please email info@harbourside, ca

  2. Barbara moore says:

    Please send us information on your facility we heard about you on CBC radio thats.

  3. Beulah Phillpot says:

    Just enjoyed the CBC Nov. 8th Sunday Edition podcast of your great project.
    Congratulations on such ground-breaking events for we aging folk. Autonomy frees us, for sure.
    Missed the full name of the person guiding the development: —– Matthews?

    Would appreciate the name and contact information since there is no reason to reinvent & perhaps we’re ready to try a project here.

    Many thanks,

    Beulah Phillpot

  4. catherine Eck says:

    Dear Margaret,
    I live on a tiny Island called Protection Island which is located in the Nanaimo Harbour. We are a tiny community of 300 people who want desparately to stay in our community when we can no longer live alone. Please send me formation on your next workshops. Are the June information sessions finished or are they happening in June 2016? We are meeting next week to discuss neighbours ideas and would love to pick your brains on how you proceeded in the early days of your projrct. Regards, Catherine Eck

    • Sean Isaacs says:

      I’m not sure if this a portal for reaching Catherine Eck by email, however – Catherine, if you view this note, I would love to hear from you and catch up. Please call anytime: 1-888-592-4141. Regards, Sean Isaacs

  5. Des Thompson says:

    Please send detailed information to:

    8061 West Coast Road, Sooke, B.C. V9Z 1C9

  6. James Carl Fitzsimmons says:

    Your cohousing project sounds interesting. We are elderly but healthy and would like to find accommodation where we can relax, have friendly neighbours and be able to help out as in a coop [We lived in a coop in Burnaby for 5 years and liked it]
    We would need a 2 bed unit and wonder what the cost would be. And we have a house- cat – would that be allowed?
    We hope to visit the complex soon; thank you.

  7. Laurie Adkin says:

    Did setting up Harbourside require a lawyer with specialised knowledge of cohousing contracts? I am looking for a property lawyer who can help with setting up a cohousing arrangement at another location on the island and would greatly appreciate a reference.

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