What is Senior Cohousing?

Senior cohousing turns the tried and true cohousing model into a radical social innovation that regards aging as an opportunity for growth.

In senior cohousing residents proactively design and manage their own neighbourhoods, creating physical and social environments in which they can flourish to the end of their days. Participation in an Active Aging study group builds community, then the community builds houses & common house. People own their private dwelling units, share a large common house and common meals, and co-care for each other, which provides support for aging in place at no cost to the system. The common house also includes a care-givers suite for future contingencies.

Anecdotal data suggests that the co-care and built in supports of senior cohousing allow people to stay 8 to 10 years longer in their own homes, saving the system $50,000/year per person.

Senior Cohousing adds dimensions of co-care to cohousing

  • Residents socially support each other & have fun
  • Accommodations for caregiver in Common House
  • Accessible, “universal design”