Victoria, BC micro-cohousing

Here’s an innovative idea for a small-is-beautiful approach to senior cohousing. Check out Karen’s message below and visit her blog. Intrigued? Email her at <>

Exciting – and timely – your (ad)venture of instigating the first senior co-housing in Canada.
Having lived communally in the 60’s and carried the ‘essence’ of that experience across the intervening years of raising a family etc., now, as the first of the baby boomers to turn 65 and legally a senior (a rites of passage, that government cheque!), the idea of an intentional, autonomous community appeals, delights and motivates.
I lived in Fernwood for 18 of my 21 years in Victoria and it suited me well then – but – as a child I lived (two blocks from downtown) in St. Thomas, a small, southern Ontario town; raised our growing family in Georgetown, Ontario (two blocks from downtown) and then the Beaches area of Toronto (two blocks from downtown). I want that again.
Oak Bay Village is where I want to be, where it makes sense to be, as I am there every day of the week for its library, parks and trails, grocery stores, sushi (and other) restaurants, seniors’ centre,  post office, bank, church thrift shops, hardware stores, garden centre,  pharmacies etc.
So I have a vision (evolving) of something  “two blocks from the Village” – a house in which I can participate with like-minded individual(s)  in converting to three suites using my love of home, skills and creativity.
I’ve owned/renovated/restored seven houses , four in Ontario when married,  three in Victoria (one with sons, two on my own.)
My involvement with Urban Wilderness Gardeners in Toronto in the 80’s showed me how a manicured front lawn could be replaced by something pleasing and beneficial to nature, human and otherwise,  and how one expression of this could spread along a block, across a city,  across a country.
I can ‘see’ this  happening in Oak Bay with “intentional houses” dotting a neighbourhood, and the whole community being favourably affected.
Karen Skowron


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