Cohousing Development Companies

Cohousing Development Consulting, Canada CDC is a full service consulting firm providing development management services, specializing in environmentally and socially sustainable projects of enduring beauty and quality. CDC provided start-up, project management, marketing administration and community building services for most of the completed cohousing communities in Canada, working with groups from the initial forming stage to move-in. Ronaye Matthew is the primary consultant and coordinates the team to provide the services needed to bring a cohousing project to completion.

CoHousing Solutions is a consultation firm for cohousing groups and other collaborative developments, and, under Katie McCamant’s leadership, is soon to train sustainable development entrepreneurs through the new, year-long “500 Communities” program.

McCamant & Durrett   is a full-service architectural firm founded by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett, the award-winning California architects credited with bringing the cohousing concept to the U.S. and the architects of the first cohousing community built in the United States: Muir Commons (Davis, CA). They “wrote the book” on cohousing.





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