Study group members – Summer 2011

Members of the Summer 2011 Study Group are invited to sign in and contribute to this page [hidepost=>1]

My Generation. Don’t forget that Andrew once managed rock bands when you consider his next challenge to us all: Can you rewrite the lyrics to My Generation with a view to flourishing in community? Bring your lyrics (and a guitar?) to the Potluck at Margaret’s on August 4th. For inspiration, here’s a You Tube link

Don’t miss the Potluck Supper at 6 pm, Thursday August 4th at Margaret Critchlow’s, 6757 Eustace Rd, Sooke, to celebrate the completion of the study group on “Active Aging in Community.” … click here for directions and other details

And the winner is ….Jane Hill, for coming up with The Age of Reckoning in response to Andrew’s challenge to find a better phrase for what author Charles Durrett calls “Second Adulthood” or Middlessence in the Senior Cohousing Handbook. Congratulations, Jane!

Food for thought from a study group member It always interests me that our culture sees aging as a series of physical and emotional  losses instead of a series of increases in maturity and wisdom and opportunities. The same cellular processes that occur with the passage of time  that we call growth and development in children and youth we invert to see as negative in seniors.  Hmm…. maybe our group can address some of those cultural stereotypes, and the importance of preventive self management.

Honesty in Language Besides indicating liking or interest, language can also reflect a speaker’s unconscious willingness to take responsibility for statements, as the following categories show.

Normal Aging and Preventive  Self-management are the subject for Ellen Anderson’s contribution to our members’ page.

A Comparison of Co-housing Projects on Vancouver Island in  powerpoint and spreadsheet format. These formed the basis of a presentation to the senior cohousing group at its March 2011 meeting.