Ontario-Toronto Cohousing groups


There are 2 forming cohousing groups in Toronto…
1) Wine on the porch which would reside in the same house and

2) Canopy CoHousing which would be independent units with a common house:


Wine on the Porch is exploring a new concept in co-housing for active and creative aging. We plan to establish a shared residence in downtown Toronto, a home where we remain independent by becoming interdependent.

It will include both private living areas and common space where people 50+ can support each other as we move into later years.

It will be organized as an equity co-op and self-managed according to co-op principles. Initial members will be full participants in the design and development of the community.

We’re planning for an inclusive community of 8 to 12 persons.

If you would like to learn more about this concept and whether it may be right for you,  visit us on Facebook [“>https://www.facebook.com/CohousingForCreativeAging/] or follow our blog on WordPress [http://wineontheporch.wordpress.com/creative-aging/].