Is Cohousing for You? A new course for the curious…

Is Cohousing for You? Find out in this two day workshop with facilitator: Margaret Critchlow, Ph.D. Founding member of Harbourside Cohousing, Sooke, BC. The course is offered about every three months. Check out our recent posts on the home page. If you don’t see the info you want here, email and find out when the next workshop is coming up.

Learn about a creative alternative to today’s culture of individualism and materialism. Cohousing is a sustainable neighbourhood design that values privacy and community, independence and interdependence.

In this experiential two-day workshop, participants explore how to access the power of community to build better neighbourhoods and improve quality of life.  The facilitator will relate examples from other cultures, old-fashioned neighbourhoods, and contemporary cohousing communities.  We will learn how to work through differences collaboratively, make decisions well, and find the creative solutions that groups can achieve when they bring out the best in all of us.  Participants will work together to identify next steps for developing cohousing wherever they live.

For dates and more information please email