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Apr 2, 2017. Convivium Cohousing for Seniors is a year-old organization that is developing a supportive community for older adults and seniors in Ottawa’s core. It will be self-financed by members through the purchase of units by members, including deposits in advance of construction. Costs will be similar to new condominiums with more benefits, participation, and co-care. Membership is currently closed, but there is a waiting list.

Contact Convivium (see below) to get on the membership waiting list or to get a list of other cohousing groups in the Ottawa area.

A second group named itself Concorde Cohousing (Ottawa) in Fall, 2016. It is creating social events, making connections, and meeting frequently.

Please contact these groups using the email addresses below:

Convivium Cohousing for Seniors – Please direct all questions to our general e-mail: info@conviviumcohousing.caand one of our members will answer. We have a website now and the list of local groups is on it.    conviviumcohousing.ca

Concorde Cohousing – info@concordecohousng.ca

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  1. Linda Janes-Peddle says:

    I are interested in obtaining information on the seniors co-housing project in old Ottawa East.

  2. Lynne Markell says:

    Convivium Cohousing for Seniors is a non profit organization currently planning a new cohousing community in Ottawa. We have closed membership at the moment because we are planning a relatively small (20-25 unit) building. We are maintaining a waiting list for membership and can be contacted at conviviumcohousing@gmail.com
    We also have a list of other developing cohousing groups in the Ottawa area.
    Lynne Markell

  3. Karen Kristine says:

    Could you send me a list of other cohousing groups in Ottawa?
    Karen Kristine

  4. Hi all,
    I have been handling communications for both Concorde Cohousing and Convivium Cohousing for Seniors for the last few months. I’d like to update the contact information.
    Both now have domains although neither has a functioning website yet. The new contact emails are:
    Convivium Cohousing for Seniors – info@conviviumcohousing.ca
    Concorde Cohousing – info@concordecohousng.ca

    Jake Morrison – JakeM@conviviumcohousing.ca

  5. Lori says:

    I’m a bit perplexed as to why there seem to be so many cohousing communities forming that restrict their membership to seniors only. If it’s all about creating living spaces that are more conducive to connection, why opt out from the possibility of inter-generational connections? Why not make cohousing that is senior-friendly, but open to younger adults too?

    Is it a desire of the people forming the projects to have more peace and quiet than can be had with hordes of children running around underfoot?

    Or is it an assumption that younger adults would not be interested in living with seniors?

    If it’s the latter, I think this assumption should be challenged. I am 37 and very much interested in living in community-oriented housing, shared with people in their 60s, 70s and beyond. In fact I think I would prefer to live among seniors than among my married, child-rearing peers.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Lori, you and other younger people would be welcome in most Canadian senior cohousing communities. At Harbourside we have no age restriction, just a focus on aging well and amenities to support that.

    • Mary Huang says:

      Hi Lori,

      Concorde Cohousing in Ottawa is being planned as a multi-generational project. We took a vote about a year ago and it is something we feel pretty strongly about.

      We have a couple of families interested and just had our first member that is part of a young couple with a child so we are officially multi-generational than just planning to be multi-generational. We are actively looking for more younger people, families and diversity but all are welcome to check us out.

  6. Mary Huang says:

    Concorde Cohousing is a multi-generational project that is forming. We had a vote about it about a year ago and it is something we feel pretty strongly about. We are also focused on consensus decision making.

    We have several families interested and someone who is part of a couple with a child have recently become a member. We are actively recruiting younger people, families and diversity…

  7. Mary Huang says:

    Here is an article where Ottawa area cohousing groups Terra Firma, Concorde Cohousing, Convivium Cohousing for Seniors and Perth Tay Common were interviewed by Ottawa Citizen..


    A radio interview for A Luta Continua by CKCU with Rebecca Aird (Terra Firma) and Mary Huang (Concorde Cohousing)


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