Ontario – Ottawa – Convivium & Concorde Cohousing

Apr 2, 2017. Convivium Cohousing for Seniors is a year-old organization that is developing a supportive community for older adults and seniors in Ottawa’s core. It will be self-financed by members through the purchase of units by members, including deposits in advance of construction. Costs will be similar to new condominiums with more benefits, participation, and co-care. Membership is currently closed, but there is a waiting list.

Contact Convivium (see below) to get on the membership waiting list or to get a list of other cohousing groups in the Ottawa area.

A second group named itself Concorde Cohousing (Ottawa) in Fall, 2016. It is creating social events, making connections, and meeting frequently.

Please contact these groups using the email addresses below:

Convivium Cohousing for Seniors – Please direct all questions to our general e-mail: info@conviviumcohousing.caand one of our members will answer. We have a website now and the list of local groups is on it.    conviviumcohousing.ca

Concorde Cohousing – info@concordecohousng.ca

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