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  1. Edith Newman says:

    I have a contact name and number for Phyllis. This is a woman who is currently making the Tiga Talks children’s T.V. show. Her name is Hilary Pryor and her work contact number is 250-380-6656. Tonya knows her as well but didn’t have contact information for her. Will you please pass this on to Phyllis. Thanks.

  2. imajan says:

    I was excited to read the column by Rosa Harris-Adler in the Friday TC and learn of your organization.
    thank you for mentoring!!!

  3. donja says:

    Here is a quote from The Fellowship of The Ring, JRR Tolkien that resonates with senior cohousing:

    Writing about Rivendell:

    Frodo was now safe in the Last Homely House east of the Sea. That house was, as Bilbo had long ago reported, “a perfect house, whether you like food or sleep or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all”. Merely to be there was a cure for weariness, fear, and sadness.

  4. Liz Hewson says:

    I am truly excited to find your website. I have found myself at the age of 66 being retired and on my own without a home; for the past week I have been viewing places to live in the Victoria/Sidney/Saanich area and as I come back to my temporary accommodation, I know that I don’t want to live on my own. I am sorry that I will miss your meeting in late Feb but I will be in Toronto visiting my daughter, however, I would really like to know what progress you are making with regard to senior cohousing which seems such a perfect way to enjoy the retirement years. I would certainly like to meet with you and look forward to hearing back. Liz

  5. Anita Olsen says:

    Co-housing appeals to me and I would like to learn more about it. Does Kamloops, BC have one going? Thanks.


  6. Teresa says:


    I haven’t forgotten the project, and again, was sorry to have to miss the last meeting. How is everything going?

    I am considering moving to Sooke to be closer to the developing community and the process. Is the project going to be a reality? If so, any idea when?

    Will there be another meeting soon?

    Best regards,

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Yes, Teresa, we’re moving ahead. Right now we’re in negotiations for a site in Sooke, and a group of committed members is meeting to pursue that goal. We expect to open up the group to new members as soon as the site is secured, perhaps as soon as Labour Day. We’d welcome your participation!

  7. Jim says:

    Love the concept and would equally welcome the thought of helping to make any such project a reality for others now as well as for ourselves in the future. Currently living off shore as expats … in our early 50’s, both my wife and I have had eyes on getting into such a community when we’ve sacrificed this in our work as expats.

  8. Anthony Ratliffe says:

    I am starting a new Senior Cohousing Group in the Village of Gagetown, New Brunswick. The first formal meeting has been set for 7.30 p.m. in the Anglican Church Hall, Monday 4th March 2013. We are fortunate in already having an available and inexpensive serviced site of several acres in the village core, so the project is off to a good start. I intend to use Charles Durrett’s Senior Cohousing Handbook as our basic approach, and find Chapin’s Pocket Neighborhoods as good a guide to physical development style as one could want. E-mail me at if you want more details.


  9. Gayle Hunter says:

    I cannot find ANYWHERE on this site what the cost is…..can anyone help me with this?
    I am a senior very interested in cohousing in B.C. area.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Thanks for your questions about how much it costs to buy a cohousing unit. We have added a page on Cost and Affordability under “Big Ideas” on this site.

      • Beverly Mossman says:

        I am interested in the cost of a unit and if you have all your meals with other residents. Can you prepare meals in your own unit?

        • Margaret Critchlow says:

          All units in Canadian senior cohousing are complete homes, including kitchens. The frequency of common dinners is something that each cohousing decides on. In some, members prefer frequent pot luck suppers. In others, members will take turns cooking a meal for the community. Unit costs are similar to market-price condos but may be slightly higher because of sharing in a large common house and energy efficient features that can increase initial costs.

  10. Wayne and Donna Lynn Brown says:

    Is there a chance of someone from your organization coming to Qualicum Beach to speak to a group of seniors re. Cohousing?

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Yes, we give presentations on Vancouver Island and the southern mainland. Please contact us by email for details:

    • jan says:

      Hello Wayne and Donna Lynn,
      If it turns out that there will be a presentation in QB, I would be very interested in attending …. are you thinking of starting an email list? if yes, please put my name on it? Thank you, Jan.

  11. Bernice says:


    I would like to share the following information with your readers and online community. Last year we had great attendance, especially from Canada, and they are successfully on their way to building their communities.

    Thank you, Bernice

    October 7-11, 2013 Nevada City Cohousing, Nevada City, CA

    A workshop for anyone excited about taking a leadership role in creating a senior cohousing community.

    The seminar will include five days of experience, tools and coaching with the field’s leading experts, hosted at Nevada City Cohousing, an intergenerational cohousing community and nearby to Wolf Creek Lodge, a senior community in Grass Valley, CA.

    The workshop combines experiential learning through group discussion on the issues of aging and how to create a supportive community, along with the details and logistics of cohousing development – making it appropriate for a variety of individuals and interests including professionals in cohousing or senior living, policy leaders, builders, developers, community organizers or medical professionals.
    We hope you will consider this unique opportunity (it only happens once a year). We believe that senior cohousing is our opportunity to create a better living environment for ourselves, our friends, our families and our society at large. Senior cohousing can offer a supportive living environment as a viable solution and a fraction of the cost of institutional living or the isolation that many people face in their later years.

    INFORMATION: or 530-265-9980

    “The Senior Cohousing Handbook: A Community Approach to Independent Living” (2nd Edition) by Charles Durrett.

  12. Ann says:

    I am very intersted in seniors cohousing. Does anyone know whether there are any plans for this type of housing in Alberta–specifically Edmonton.

  13. Clairette Mantha says:

    my husband and I are very interested in this cohousing. We are both independant seniors. Rudy 75 and myself 70. Is it possible for us to meet with you . We presently live in ottawa canada. thank you

    • Roger Clark & Pat McRae says:

      Not sure if this will reach you, but we are also in Ottawa & are very keen to explore co-housing options in this area (preferably close to the downtown). Roger & Pat

      • Christina De Simone says:

        Looks like I am a year late in making this reply. I just found this site. I am still employed but at 56 years of age, I have started to turn my attention to cohousing, living with and being responsible for others, etc.

        I am not sure where you are in your plans in co-housing, but I noticed you live in Ottawa as do I. I live in the Sandy Hill area.

        Do you and your partner (and others) want to get together?

        Have a good day,


  14. Lynne Swanson says:

    Is anything in the works for senior cohousing in London Ontario?

    • Linda Pearse says:

      I am also interested in hearing if anyone in London is planning anything for a future co-housing project here. We hear so much about the amazing projects in B.C. but what are we to do if we live in lovely London and wish to stay here. Would be interested in becoming involved with other like-minded individuals to look at the potential for here.
      Linda Pearse
      London Ontario

  15. Cornelia Laven says:

    I am interested in co-housing in Toronto and am a near senior living in a small apartment on my own at present. As a dual citizen, affordability is a must as I visit Europe from time to time. Baba Yaga used to be discussed at a meet-up in Toronto but that seems to have ended. If you have any information, please contact me.

  16. Lisa says:

    My mother is 67 years old just recently retired and is having a difficult time finding suitable housing. She loves the idea of co-housing with other seniors. Does anyone have information on Senior Co-housing in Southern Ontario?

  17. Julia Manitius says:

    I am listening to the programme on the CBC and am so envious. I have been interested in Co-housing for decades. I lived in Denmark for 28 years and at the time there was not a co-housing opportunity on the island where I lived.
    I am beginning to reach the point where I should be looking at Senior Co-housing. I want to be on a list, any list, so that I can have a chance at joining a group either in Vancouver or the Toronto area.

    Thank you!

    • Jun Teris says:

      Hi Julia,
      I am now searching for more info re senior cohousing.
      Have you made any good contacts for info in the Toronto area?

      Many thanks


  18. Marie-Jo Gonny says:

    I am 64 years old and retired in Ottawa (and quite active) and I am very interested in Senior Co-housing. On one hand, I could share my house here in Orleans, on the other, I’d love to live in just about any community in Canada (my children are in different cities in North America). Any information will be most welcome. I am originally from France; been living in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec for 26 years. Thanks a million.

  19. Cynthia Bragg says:

    I am 69 and live in the wonderful city of Guelph and am interested in sharing my home with a like-minded senior ( sustainable living) or joining with others in a cohousing situation in London, Guelph, or perhaps elsewhere in Southern Ontario and welcome contact from anyone with a similar interest. I would want to keep my cat.

  20. Marie-Jo Gonny says:

    And how do I get in touch with Roger Clark?

  21. Bob Jennens says:

    My wife and I are very interested in co housing and wondering if there are any projects or presentations being considered in the BC southern interior.

  22. Mary Lee Meyer-Balconi says:

    I am looking for groups in Toronto interested in senior cohousing. Do you have any contact information?

  23. Yvonne says:

    I’m most interested in learning more about C0housing. I live in Nova Scotia. There doesn’t appear to be a Choosing society chapter here on the east coast. Are you aware of one starting up in Nova Scotia?
    Yvonne Moffat

  24. Angie Yap says:

    hello Margaret, I was wondering, maybe you can help and tell me why I am not receiving replies from and re my interest in Victoria co-housing initiatives?
    I have just found out today about Karen’s Oak Bay Village – do you know if that has started?
    thanks, hope to hear from you soon – Angie.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      I suggest you try Tracy Mills’ group

      • Lindy Rose says:

        I found your website and messages today! I have sold my Oak Bay condo and now in this time of high real-estate prices I find myself looking for affordable ownership or housing or co-housing with like-minded youthful seniors. I have contemplated finding land and a developer and creating micro-eco homes with a common area for yoga etc; or a large house to create into suites. Lots of ideas! And, I know of other seniors who have modest means but could get behind such a project of well organized and perhaps not too far from town. Please contact me and let me know if the Oak Bay project has proceeded and any others. Thanks!

  25. Gina Cormier says:

    I live in the GTA but would be very interested in learning if there is a co-housing opportunity anywhere in southern Ontario?

  26. Mary Freethy says:

    I live in Toronto and am very interested in this choosing idea. Can you please put me in touch with anyone who can give me information about meetings or proposed projects near me?

  27. Mavis hamilton says:

    This has been my plan since I bought 20 acres in the 80,s . Vancouver is. How do I find a resoursento start the process?.

    • Janey Harper says:

      Hi Mavis,
      I am interesting in starting a cohousing community on Vancouver Island between somewhere north of Victoria and Nanaimo. I am happy to relocate and am ready to begin.
      I took a 10 week online course with Chuck Durrett last fall 2017 and have been giving presentations in Whistler, where I currently live.
      Please contact me if you would like to have a conversation.
      The website won;t be up until early March 2018.
      Janey Harper
      The Coastal Village

  28. Ellen Williams says:

    I am interested in info on how to start a senior co-housing initiative. Is there a booklet or web site on how to get started? I live in Niagara on the Lake and hope to do something in my town. My email is

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Yes, Ellen, there is a booklet! Check out our brand new Guides to Innovations in Senior Housing, available as free downloads on our latest post.

  29. Lynne Markell says:

    I just posted a reply to a comment on Convivium Cohousing for Seniors in Ottawa.
    I would like to suggest that you add a section on this website for cohousing in the development stage, instead of answering individual questions in this section.

    In this way new groups that are looking for members could send their information to you for posting under specific geographical areas and individuals interested in cohousing could see all the groups in their particular area.
    We recently had an orientation session for people on our membership waiting list and prepared a resource sheet that included other seniors cohousing groups in the Ottawa area. We are not taking new members at the moment, so we wanted to people to be able to explore other options.
    Thanks for your good work.

  30. Barbara McInnes says:

    I will be attending a seminar on the needs of senior’s and one of the hot topics of course is housing need. Would you please e-mail me some information regarding your housing solutions that I can print off and share with the seminar participants. There will be of course seniors involved but also the local health people as well as developers and other medical professionals. Thank you for your attention and assistance with this.

    I will be helping to facilitate the conversation and I am also a senior.

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Barbara, please help yourself to the free “How-to” Guide downloads which include info about our housing solutions for seniors. The Guides are in an October 2016 post on this site, and also under the Resources tab.

  31. Barbara McInnes says:

    I am going to be involved in a seminar regarding senior’s needs re: housing, medical, and social matters required to keep seniors in our community longer, I would appreciate receiving information that I could print off and share with the participants of this seminar. Any information you could share would be very appreciated,

    Thank you – Barbara McInnes

    • Margaret Critchlow says:

      Also on our media page is a 2015 article from Communities Magazine about how senior cohousing meets seniors’ housing needs and also builds their social connections, or “social portfolio.”

  32. Jennifer Adam says:

    I am interested in exploring a co-ownership option for housing in Sarnia Ontario. The babyaga home of France has been an inspiration after hearing about it a few years ago. Are you aware of any interest in the Sarnia area. I am very active 68 years old, teach yoga, cycle and long distance walk.


    I was told by Tracy of Saanich Co-Housing Co-op that you will be showing the Harbourside on Saturday, the 22nd. My son and I would very much appreciate viewing your property. May we be included?

  34. elaine kesten says:

    I am interested in co housing in southern Ontario

  35. Helene Fagan says:

    There appears to be quite a demand for senior co-housing in Ottawa, I have found the waiting list and added my name, however there does not appear to be anything concrete being built except for Old Ottawa east. Not too clear what is happening there either. I hope to receive some answers soon as I am getting older and would like to find some co-housing choices in and/or around Ottawa soon.
    Helene Fagan

  36. Janey Harper says:

    Love your site Margaret et al……
    I I am having a heckuva time getting Whistler powers to be to recognize cohousing as an ideal alternative for community living here, intergenerational as well as senior.
    19% of the permanent residents here are 55+ and this % increases annually as people sell their homes elsewhere and come here to live permanently, for the lifestyle.
    Seniors’ are being virtually ignored as the resort municipality throws money at employee housing.
    I would really appreciate having a conversation with you to get your ideas.
    Thanks, Janey

  37. marion joyner says:

    I’m interested in learning more about your project – please keep me informed of prices, amenities etc. and when the project will be ready for occupancy.

  38. jean currie says:

    I am looking to have someone come and speak at The Active Living Center in Georgetown Ontario. I can arrange details if you put me in touch with someone.
    Thank you in advance
    Jean Currie

  39. Lucie Pinault says:

    Je suis intéresssée à démarrer un groupe de cohatitation à Montréal ou même ailleurs au Québec, j’aimerais correspondre avec des gens intéressés à démarrer un projet.

  40. Lynne Markell says:

    Convivium Cohousing Co-operative in Ottawa is regrouping and recruiting new members. We have decided that a new-build project is too expensive and time-consuming.
    Instead we are looking at adapting an existing building or buildings and creating a smaller community of older adults and seniors.

    We will be holding information sessions this fall 2019 and ask that you contact Lynne Markell at to get info on the dates and place.

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