Yarrow Ecovillage Senior Cohousing, BC

Elderberry Commons will soon become “the new face of seniors living” in the Yarrow Ecovillage.

The Yarrow Ecovillage is a unique project that includes 20 acres of farmland, a multigenerational cohousing, and a commercial district.  The idea is to allow people to experience the richness of rural setting while still being able to walk to everything they need.  Elderberry Commons will be an amazing place to live, and we have room for more!

Number of Units expected: 17

Sizes of units: bachelor to 2 bedroom (but this depends on who comes to build it with us).

Expected first Design Workshop: End of summer.

If you are interested:

We invite you to join one of our 10 week Aging in Place Study Groups.  We have found the study groups are a wonderful way to see if cohousing might be right for you.  It allows you to get a taste of who your new neighbours might be without making a serious financial commitment.

For further information on the Study Group and Elderberry Commons, contact Corie at:  welcome@elderberrycohousing.ca or 778-898-9951.

Check out http://www.yarrowecovillage.ca for Yarrowecovillage highlights

Looking forward to hearing from you!

12 Responses to Yarrow Ecovillage Senior Cohousing, BC

  1. jim hiebert says:

    i have recently turned 60 and am looking for community i have not had that since chilhood i have some means and may be able to afford something modest

    • Camille says:

      Hi Jim,

      I see that this reply may be a tad late, but also encourage you to email welcome@elderberrycohousing.ca if you are still interested! Cohousing is pretty amazing and definitely gives a sense of community that isn’t found in very many places these days.

      Kindest Regards,

  2. Carolyn Paris says:

    I recently toured Yarrow Eco Village on April 13,2013. Linda was our guide and showed the group the property and gardens etc. She was very informative and hospitable. I would be very interested in learning more about the senior co-housing element and how I might be able to participate in the study group at Elderbery Commons. I currently live in Kamloops but am seriously considering options once I reitre in a few years. I am looking for something modest in cost and space.

  3. Lee Hunt says:

    I have lived in Windsong Cohousing for a few years and would love to live in Yarrow Ecovillage in the future. Living with people who want to be freinds and perserve their home and fun space by working together is a great idea to me. To share some meals and coffee together is great fun as that helps us talk together about the next project we will do together to make our village better for all of us.

  4. Shirley A. Jensen says:

    I attended a study group on cohousing in Smithers and liked the idea of this type of community but wanted to be closer to family. I just recently had my 70 birthday and it’s time to plan for the next stage of my life. I am an x nurse from Abbotsford so this area holds a special place in my heart. I’m looking at a two year time frame but would buy in sooner to ensure a place. Would appreciate any info. regarding this new cohousing project.

  5. Vivian reno says:

    I want to know where your group is today (as in July/2015). can I come to you for a tour and is there available housing to purchase now? I have been to several other communities for over 10years searching for and studying this process.. my email above…I live in the Vancouver area..please let me know very soon! Thank you, vivian

  6. Gail Sitwell says:


    306 567-4303 OR E-MAIL gsitwell@myaccess.ca


  7. Cliff Williams says:

    I am wondering where the senior cohousing planning process is at this time. Hope to make the tour in April.

    Cliff Williams

  8. Jullee D. says:

    I would also like some info of your current stage of development. Will you be represented at the cohousing conference in Van. this spring? 2018
    I request that you do not publish my email address as above. Thanks

  9. People often ask me, “Hey Chuck, why are there a dozen Cohousing communities in the Seattle area?” And my reply is because they have sold almost a thousand copies of the “Creating Cohousing” in Seattle. Two dozen in the San Francisco Bay Area, two thousand books.

  10. J. Alexine Law says:


    I am interested in Elderberry Cohousing. Did this plan ever come to fruition and if so are there unit plans to review?



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