Housing Need & Demand Report: Senior Cohousing and aging in place

Senior cohousing is a viable and necessary option for aging in place. Our CMHC Housing Need and Demand Report is now available to download here:

Senior Cohousing Need and Demand SookeFINAL_February2013-1

“When the cost of housing is combined with the cost of assistance needed to continue in that housing, it renders traditional senior living situations (whether it be independent housing with home care, or an assisted living facility) unaffordable for most seniors. This is a type of housing need that is distinct from affordable housing need and demand driven by younger age groups. Additionally, the current health care system is stretched to the maximum trying to meet the needs of seniors in the community. These challenge increases exponentially with rural communities such as Sooke, as distance and isolation only increases the challenge of aging in place.” A Housing Need and Demand Analysis. Senior Cohousing. Sooke, B.C.


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