Welcome to Canadian Senior Cohousing

Imagine an innovative elder culture that approaches looming issues in sustainability and health care in an entirely new way. Our aim is to provide the mutual support  to flourish, living in an optimal range of human functioning for the rest of our lives. Canadian Senior Cohousing combines the well-established international model of senior cohousing with new ideas for active aging here in Canada.

Recent Media on Senior Cohousing CBC broadcast an update about Harbourside on The Sunday Edition, June 10 2018. Click here to listen to an interview on cohousing and the future of real estate with cohousing developers  Raines Cohen (California Cohousing) and Canada’s Ronaye Matthew (Cohousing Development Consulting): https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/96451/co-housing-in-the-future-of-real-estate

Visit Harbourside Cohousing’s media page for links to recent coverage of that innovative community. Click here to hear a short 24 Feb 2016 interview about Saanich Peninsula Cohousing and Harbourside Cohousing on CBC radio’s All Points West. Here is a link to the CBC Sunday Edition documentary on Harbourside from 8 Nov 2015. In 2014 and 2105, these 3 articles appeared in Communities Magazine. Click here for the 2014 piece, and here for the 2015 articles.

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9 Responses to Welcome to Canadian Senior Cohousing

  1. H. Alton says:

    As a baby boomer myself and friends have been discussing a co housing situation for a few years now. It was with great interest that I read this article in today’s Victoria Times Colonist.

  2. Janet Foxcroft says:

    This is a concept that many of my friends have kicked around. Would you be able to share information to get us started. I read the article in the Times Colonist today.
    There is a need.

  3. Janet Kalkman says:

    I have just finished reading Rosa Harris-Adler’s Life Lines column in today’s Times Colonist Newspaper about Canadian Senior Cohousing referring to your new website.
    Congratulations for initiating discussion and information within your newly formed group.

    As a Senior soon to turn 80, your article is of real interest. Living in a condo in Victoria has worked out well for me and my husband for the past 13 years. However, my husband became seriously ill this past winter but most fortunately has recovered for how long, I don’t know.
    Our children may put on the pressure to move closer to where the live which for both are on nearly opposite ends of Canada. I would naturally prefer to remain in greater Victoria. It may be very lonely to be on my own should it happen.

    I look forward to reading more about your ideas,

    Janet Kalkman

    • Jean and David Daniels says:

      Hi Janet,
      Jean and Dave here from Richmond, we are not sure we have reached the right person. In case we have, we would love to speak to you. How can we contact you? Our email is cambria28@shaw.ca or 604 275 1755

      We hope all is well and hope to hear from you soon,

      Jean & Dave

  4. Beverly says:

    I am a member of a co-housing group called Fernwood Urban Village. We are not limiting ourselves to seniors, but our membership does include seniors and our average age is probably – wild guess – 55.

    We have property in Fernwood, and a development plan which is now before city hall for zoning changes. Our plan is for 31 units in four buildings, with food gardens and indoor common areas. Our big push is for reducing our collective footprint. We welcome new members. See our website http://www.fernwoodurbanvillage.ca for more.
    Beverly Vreeswijk

  5. Jane Kimak says:

    I also read the article by Rosa Harris-Adler and I have been interested in co-housing for a long time but haven’t seen anything in Winnipeg at all. I belonged to a group many years ago but it never moved into planning stages. I hope the time is right now. If no one begins a process, nothing happens. I hoped someone else would begin but perhaps it has to begin with me and maybe that way, I’ll find others out there who are interested.

    • Andrea Mahalek says:

      This is a response to Jane Kimak in Winnipeg. I might also be interested in senior co-housing. I live in my own home, but I’m in the initial stages of researching what my next move could be. I don’t anticipate moving for at least another 8 years.

      I would love to get together with other people in Winnipeg to discuss this option.

      Andrea Mahalek

    • Karin Bock says:

      It appears I am coming to this website a year later. As a 67 year old semi retired woman currently living in rural Saskatchewan on a limited budget, I too am looking to a move in the next year or two. With my family in Winnipeg, my hopes of relocating to that city or vicinity is of great interest to me.

      Has there been any progress Jane Kimak since last year? Might I be of assistance?


  6. This is really very nice concept In senior co housing residents design and manage their own neighborhoods, creating physical and social environments in which they can flourish through their lives. Participation in an study group builds community, then the community builds houses & common house. People own their private dwelling units, share a large common house and common meals, and co-care for each other, which provides support for aging in place at no cost to the system. All this is available at a affordable cost and i am looking forward to it.

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