Getting It Built Workshop a Great Success!

Twenty participants enjoyed a tremendous ‘Getting it Built’ weekend workshop with Ronaye Matthew and two members of her team which ran from Friday evening until Sunday late afternoon, Feb 24-26, 2012 at Sooke Ocean Resort.

The information Ronaye presented about what it takes legally, financially, and socially to get a seniors’ cohousing project such as ours accomplished from start to finish was intensely focused, extremely practical and entirely relevant. Her team’s depth of knowledge and experience was evident through every aspect of the presentation and kept all of us fully engaged.

The weather cooperated for our visit to five potential sites on Sunday morning. The workshop concluded with plans to explore a couple of these sites in more depth, and to expand our site search.

We finished the Getting it Built Workshop by deciding what the next steps for the group should be.

1. We need to define who our members are. Who wants to move forward with the next stage of this process of developing Seniors Co housing?

a)If you would like to be a member, it is important that you are familiar with all the information about the Seniors Cohousing process which has been covered so far, so at least one person in each member household should have taken the Active Aging in Community study group or be prepared to take it next time it’s offered.

b)It is also important that everyone understands the material covered in the Getting it Built workshop we took last weekend, so if you weren’t able to attend you should purchase a copy of the workshop materials and be prepared to come to a meeting where you can discuss it and ask any questions. This will cost $100 per household. (those who attended the workshop paid $230 per person)

2. All members should pay a $200 per household membership fee to support the ongoing costs of the group

This will put everyone at the same starting point as we prepare to enter the next phase of our adventure.

So- if you would like to move forward with this project you are invited to meet on Sunday March 11th at the Sooke Ocean Resort, 6669 Horne Rd Sooke for a potluck lunch. Anyone who would like a walk before lunch will meet at Whiffen Spit parking lot at 11 am, lunch and meeting will start at 12 noon

Membership fees will be collected at the March 11 meeting. If you can’t be there but want to be a member, please email Gail Abernethy If you do not want to be a member but want to be informed of our progress, you can be a “Friend of Senior Cohousing” at no charge by emailing Gail.

We look forward to seeing you!


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