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We are a group of dynamic seniors (aged 50 and over, but getting younger) and we are building a cohousing community in Greater Montreal (we are looking at properties in communities on the south shore of the St-Lawrence, to be more specific).

While our group will be for the 50+ age-bracket, our outlook is young and community- oriented. We will be reaching out to the surrounding community and getting involved with younger generations and families. We will not be a seniors’ ghetto.

Our project will likely be a building of 40 units, perhaps more, situated near urban services.  The design will be environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. We will have gardens, fruit trees and a vegetable garden, built on the principles of permaculture. Like other cohousing groups, we will have an active common space with kitchen, living room, woodworking shop, garden house, etc.

Our group is primarily French-speaking, and our meetings are conducted in French, but anglophones are more than welcome. We are a very friendly, happy bunch!

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  1. Edwina Fort says:

    I just discovered co-housing as a concept. Before marriage and children, I lived in
    a student co-op which was organized by students and professors in Toronto. I am
    curious about your group as I live in eastern Ontario and love Montreal. Have you
    found an area in which to live and what stage are you at in your venture? I look
    forward to hearing from your group. Many thanks, Edwina

  2. Barbara Steele says:

    I too am interested in your concept, altho0ugh I do not speak any French. However, I have a grandchild in Montreal, and another one on the way in January. I am mostly retired and would like to be closer to them for at least the next 5-10 years. Happy, healthy and vibrant, I am keen to learn more, as I too have just realized that this concept has tremendous merit to a huge demographic of baby boomers.

  3. Barbara de Beaupre says:

    I have been interested in cohousing for many years and lived in Montreal for 30 years before moving to Toronto. I am seriously considering leaving Toronto and moving to Montreal where I have some family. I do speak French but it is a bit rusty after many years in Ontario.
    Oh yes, and I am over 50 as well!! My aim is to stay as young as possible. I am an artist and cross country skier. Barbara

  4. Lorraine Broekaert says:

    Bonjour Barbara, moi Aussi , now live in edmonton ,,really want to live in co housing
    But don’t quite know where to start. Can you help.?

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