Dare to Age Well in Community, Jan 24-25 in Sooke, BC

Canadians are living 25 years longer than they did in 1900. How can we ensure that this gift of longevity becomes a blessing and not a burden to ourselves, families, friends and state?

Few of today’s seniors would be satisfied with the limited options that are available to their parents’ generation. Yet our governments and health authorities are focusing their scarce resources on encouraging Baby Boomers to age at home, risking social isolation, and then transition to the same old institutions.

That is why we must explore better alternatives now. The key to a happier, healthier future is to start making smarter choices and plan for much improved ageing options.

The focus of the course is to face these issues head on in both a respectful and fun way. We explore the options open to us, look at resources we shall need and concentrate on the ‘growing’ aspect of growing old to ensure that we shall flourish not languish for the rest of our days.

This two day experiential course explores a range of options including cohousing and co-caring:

  • How to become more resilient in the face of physical, social, health and financial changes as we age.
  • When we stop work and retire, how will our lives be meaningful?
  • How to build a successful community that can support us as we age.
  • How easily can we adapt to maximize our physical and mental health?  How can we cope with a serious fall or illness that can leave us temporarily or permanently incapacitated?
  • How to get the strength to cope with losing a partner and friends without becoming lonely and isolated?

Dare to Age Well in Community, PEHL 3990-Y14

Dates: 24th &25th January 2015

Time: 9:30am-4:30pm

Location: Harbourside Cohousing,

6669 Horne Road, Sooke

Cost: $135 + applicable taxes

To register:


phone: 250-391-2513

Contact: seniorcohousing@gmail.com or Andrew Moore at: andrewmoore@shaw.ca

What participants are saying:

“Balanced- facilitated thinking about denial of aging and changes coming and how my own aging might look like.

Great info on senior cohousing”.

“It got my Head Out of the Sand!”

“Very useful to spend time on a subject which I have avoided.

It has desensitised the issue of aging for me.”

“Excellent course.

Well organised, well delivered

Stimulating and important

An opportunity for self- exploration and to hear from others.”

“Brought me from the illusion of ‘self-reliance”,

To the reality and joy of interdependence … and the importance of planning.”

“Informative, comfortable, relaxing.

Very enjoyable even though examining an uncomfortable topic.”



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2 Responses to Dare to Age Well in Community, Jan 24-25 in Sooke, BC

  1. Janni says:

    I am a Canadian senior, and retired sociologist, currently trying to make some kind of senior housing experiment in the South, for people wanting to get away from Canadian winters. I have purchased a beautiful home with many bedrooms and bathrooms in Jamaica and am at a stage where many different concepts could be implemented here. If there is interest in an offshore senior housing initiative, please get in touch.

  2. Hi Janni:

    Brilliant idea!!! I am very excited about it. I’ve been contemplating living in a cohousing but there is not much available now the ones I found are too big for me. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a cohousing half of the year and the other half in the sunny side of the planet in winter, we would live longer, happier, healthier because it would be a healthier lifestyle than living in Canada throughout the year. I’m highly interested, please let me know how we could make this dream come true. Meanwhile, if you could please help me find a suitable cohousing to move in, I’d highly appreciate it, because I need to sell my house in Ottawa and can’t put it in the market not knowing where my next dwelling will be. Please keep me posted so that I could plan my next move. I don’t know how soon you have in mind to implement this project so let me know I could even rent a small place here, put my other belongings in storage and buy the cohousing next year because I see some are under construction.

    Before I get too excited, I’d like to clarify if it’s the kind of Senior housing like here with nurses, physicians, etc. you have in mind because I don’t want to live in a nursing home type, I’d be paying way too much for services I won’t be using. I take great care of myself and my lifestyle. Since you mention many different concepts could be implemented, I’d like to know if I could prepare my own meals which is very important to me, I could even volunteer to cook for us because I enjoy cooking and my coworkers always love my food when we’re having an office party they always ask me to bring my food and it’s only when there is no more left they start the other dishes.

    Have a pleasant week-end!

    Marie Elie
    Ottawa, Ontario

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