Welcome to Canadian Senior Cohousing

Imagine an innovative elder culture that approaches looming issues in sustainability and health care in an entirely new way. Our aim is to provide the mutual support  to flourish, living in an optimal range of human functioning for the rest of our lives. Canadian Senior Cohousing combines the well-established international model of senior cohousing with new ideas for active aging here in Canada.

Recent Media on Senior Cohousing  Visit Harbourside Cohousing’s media page for links to recent coverage of that innovative community. Click here to hear a short 24 Feb 2016 interview about Saanich Peninsula Cohousing and Harbourside Cohousing on CBC radio’s All Points West. Here is a link to the CBC Sunday Edition documentary on Harbourside from 8 Nov 2015. In 2014 and 2105, these 3 articles appeared in Communities Magazine. Click here for the 2014 piece, and here for the 2015 articles.

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Innovating Seniors Housing – Free Downloads

Now available as free downloads! innovating_seniors_housing_cover_0Four linked publications to support you to create senior cohousing wherever you live.

The main publication, Innovating Seniors Housing, comes in two forms: (1) (right) the colourful Primer – an overview of the other three publications, and, (2) (below) the complete publication.complete_guide_0

Two additional publications extract the How-To sections of the complete publication.

One focuses on how to create new build cohousing. The other describes how to retrofit existing multifamily residential housing to add cohousing principles.

The authors are founding directors of the Canadian Senior Cohousing Society. They produced the guide in partnership with the Community Social Planning Council, with generous support from the BC Real Estate Foundation.

new_build_0 retrofit_0

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